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Simple to Use | Easy to Implement | Flexible to Customize Solution

POS is the control where sales transactions happen. Point Of Sale control makes the billing Easy and Fast. No matter what type of retailer you are, adopting retailTrac POS (Point Of Sale) can turn your business around by providing an all-in-one solution to a multitude of everyday issues. In retailTrac POS transactions & inventories can be easily maintained, it will show alerts for the items which are going below the set threshold levels or for the items whose expiry date is near. In POS module, one can see the availability, price, of related items and generate the Invoices.


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Inventory or stock refers to the goods and materials that a business holds for the ultimate purpose of sale. retailTrac Inventory Software can work with both Individual Shop or Retail Chain and is designed to handle all the needs in most efficient, effective & accurate way. The inventory module can manage fast moving items and email the status report to the manager by which one can improve their business. It can store unlimited items with information like category, brand, manufacturer etc. Also maintains serialized items and real time status of stock quantities.


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retailTrac is an end to end sound accounting solution integrated with Accounting which provides general ledger, payables, receivables, assets, liabilities, trial balance, profit and loss, and gives Balance sheet periodically. Our application tracks and saves information of all the transactions done by vendor, customer, and updates debit & credit balance respectively in accounting registers. Application also has a feature to create multiple ledgers like Bank, Coupon, Cash. This makes the e-filing of VAT returns easy.

Reports & Exports

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Grow your retail business with powerful POS Reports module. Generates your sales reports easily and can provide inside view on store's performance, can get an idea on what products are generating better revenues. These reports can help you in identifying top sale items. Reports have been customised for pharmacies viz.. Doctor wise sales report, transaction wise report, a generic name margin report and many more. There is a feature to export the generated reports into spreadsheet and compare various other parameters as per the needs.


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Purchasing is the formal process of buying goods and services. The process usually starts with a requirement, in retailTrac we have an option to get the purchase quotes from different vendors and by comparing we can order at the vendor who can meet our requirements. retailTrac can easily handle the purchase receipts and the Inventory stock management. It maintains the vendor history too. Can handle auto adjustments like the promotional offers.


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Dashboard is a visual display of the most important information needed to achieve one or more objectives. The data is consolidated and arranged on a single screen so the information can be monitored at a glance. It makes the user to quickly understand and analyse current happenings. It displays key performance indicators of the organization and to enable instantaneous and informed decisions based on the data provided. It can display the information like the top list of items sold, price variations on the individual items, one can show the recently added list of products information.

Loyalty Cards

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By implementing a loyalty reward program, you are sending a message to your current and future clientele that you are interested in not only making money, but also maintaining a relationship with customers. By instituting a loyalty program, you are not only increasing customer appreciation towards your business, but also improve the chances that existing clients will share this joy with others and recommend it to others. This in turn, carries on in a word-of-mouth cyclical nature that continues to achieve better growth for your business.

Mobile Application

Mobile POS now offers the opportunity to truly sell anywhere that has an online connection back to the store POS and inventory system, allowing you to grow your business in a variety of ways. Whether it is setting up sidewalk and parking lot tent sales just outside your store or taking your products wherever your customers gather, there are no longer restrictions to selling within the four walls of your store.


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Offering discounts for a limited time will attract customers into your store and most likely draw them into buying these items right away. Drawing customers inside your store could influence them to purchase not only promotional items but also regular-priced items. Shoppers are likely to walk around your store and see all the items in the store which are not discounted and if they feel like they require those they may add those to the cart too.

SMS Alerts

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In order to stand out from the competition, you have to offer customers something that differentiates you. You need something that says to customers, "You're a person, not just another piece of data". What's more personal than a text conversation? Texting is the simplest form of engagement. It's just the edge you need to raise your business above the competition.

Work Orders

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This feature is useful in customizations and could be used for Clothing and Jewellery verticals. Work order is a custom-order received from a customer. retailTrac has a feature to create a Goldsmith workorder by which the store can satisfy the customer by creating the ornaments as per the customer design. Goldsmith interaction is one of the most important daily routine tasks of jewellery retailer. Goldsmith communication involves issue, receipt, quotation, bill finalization etc. In retailTrac entry of every transaction with Goldsmith is done through well defined workflow.